Class Descriptions

“If BDSM is not about pain, then is about what?” (New for 2023)

BDSM Is mostly associated with Sadism and Masochism, the idea that we get sexual and erotic pleasure from inflicting or receiving pain.   Master Taíno believes that most BDSM practitioners are not really sadists or masochists.  During this class, he will talk about other dimensions and components of the BDSM practice and how can be used to better our lives and our relationships.

(EscenaCR, San José, Costa Rica; South Plains Leather Fest (March 2022), Black Rose (April2-23).  It will be presented at G.O.D.S. (Denver August 2022)

“No Fear!  It’s OK to evolve”(New for 2022)

Our Kinky life is a long journey. Sometimes when we think we have it all figured out, our life’s journey presents us with unexpected changes and opportunities to grow and to evolve.

Using his own life experience of more than three decades active in the community, Master Taíno will address why it is healthy and good to evolve, to welcome change in our lives, to think differently, to deal with new challenges, to improve our relationships, and ultimately, to figure out and enjoy the journey as age brings new realities

(Presented at Master/slave Conference 2022)

“Parenting  Makes for Good Mastery:

There is a logical correlation between parenting and mastery.  And in the case of Master Taíno, the similarities are even more because he adopted and raised three special needs children and fostered two more.  Master Taíno loves credit to his parenting experience for the positive influence it brought to his mastery.  For him, the experience with. his children made him a better Master,  Join Master Taíno to address this topic full of stories of his journey as a single adoptive father and as a Master.

(Presented at Master/slave Conference 2018; Southeast Leather Fest, June2019 (Atlanta, GA);

“The ABC of Master/slave Relationships”

Master Taíno  provides an overall summary of what Master/slave Relationships are all about, aimed particularly for those that may be interested in embracing this dynamic. We will discuss topics like communication, protocols, styles, multiple-slave households, polyamory versus monogamy, expectations, challenges, etc.  This class welcome active dialogue with the attendees and questions are welcome.

(Presented at CLAW 2018 (Cleveland, OH), EscenaCR 2018-2019, (San José, Costa Rica), BESS May 2018 (Baltimore MD); MsC Worldwide 2021 (Virtual); Austin Leather Pride 2022, Austin, Texas; TES Fest 2022 (Piscataway, NJ)

“BDSM 101, lo Básico”

Class in Spanish presented mostly in Costa Rica to offer attendees mostly new to BDSM the basics of our dynamic and the opportunity to explore some of Master’s toys.  It usually ends with a volunteer being flogged for the first time.

(Presented at Asociación Demográfica Costarricense, (San José, Costa Rica 2019-2023), Masculinidades Diversas (San José, Costa Rica 2019-2020), Asociación Esperanza Viva  (San José, Costa Rica 2020); Gente Positiva (San José, Costa Rica 2022)

“Power Exchange Relationships: Separating the Reality from the Fantasy”

This class is a basic introduction to the world of power-exchange, authority-based relationships within our Leather and BDSM culture. In this class, Master Taíno will address the hike different between the fantasy often portrayed in videos porno and fiction books and magazines (as well as the new “50 shades of Gray”) and the reality of living these powerful and unique alternative relationship.

This presentation offers attendees a wide rage of options that are available for newcomers to the power exchange relationship. This will include the likes of Daddy/boy or girl, Dom/sub and Master/slave dynamics. Master Taíno will discuss all the misconceptions and fears many people have upon entering this type of relationship. This discussion is excellent for Leather folks and BDSM practitioners who want to take their kink and BDSM practices beyond the bed and the dungeon and into everyday life by forming healthy power-exchange or authority-based relationships, This is especially true when they are not sure what it all entrails or how to get started. Questions and discussion are encouraged.

(Presented at CLAW 2015, (Cleveland, OH); Thunder in the Mountains 2015 (Denver,CO); TES Fest 2017 (Piscataway, NJ); Orlando Woodshed Nov. 2018 (Orlando, FL); Southeast Leather Fest, June 2019 (Atlanta, GA); MAsT Santa Clara, October 2019 (Santa Clara, CA);

“Conversation with Master Taíno”

This is an opportunity to ask questions to Master Taíno on all aspects of Master/slave Relationships. This is a good opportunity for groups who are new to M/s and have lots of questions to make.

(Presented at BDSM-PR Munch, December 2014-2016 (San Juan, PR); MAsT Towson, May 2015 (Towson, MD); Escena CR, September 2015, February 2016,  February 2017, February 2019 (San José, Costa Rica); Denver Lifestyle Lighthouse 2016; MAsT Frederick – 2017 & 2021 (Frederick, MD); MsC 2020; MsC Worldwide 2021 (Virtual); Master/slave Conference 2022)

“Living Real and Authentic Lives: the Key to our Happiness”

Our journey has to begin with our desire to live real and authentic lives, be no matter if you are a Master or a slave, or just a kinky individual. We spend too much time trying to conform to the norms and expectations of others, and very little listening to our heart and spirit.

,In this class, Master Taino will detail the need of every human being to find his/her callings in life and live accordingly. He will discuss as well the need to live our lives to the fullest in a real and authentic way without concern about the expectations and judgment of others, That should be the first step to have healthy Master/slave and/or Dom/sub relationships.

(Presented at the Master/slave Conference 2013 & 2016 (Washington, DC); Behind Closed Doors 2013 (Tucson, AZ); Widener University (Chester, VA 2013; Southwest Leather Conference 2013 (Phoenix, AZ)); Black Rose’s Tuesday Event 2014 (Washington, DC); SF Citadel (San Francisco, CA 2014); Charm City Fetish Fair 2015 (Baltimore ,MD); Thunder in the Mountains 2015 (Denver,CO); The M/s Gathering 2016 (New Castle, DE); TES Fest 2017 (Piscataway, NJ); The MsDsConference – October 2017 (Internet);  Escena CR March 2018 (San José, Costa Rica); BDSM Puerto Rico 2018 (San Juan, PR); Orlando Woodshed Nov. 2018 (Orlando, FL)

“The calling for Mastery and slavery”

Particularly at the beginning of our journeys, we usually question our calling for Mastery or slavery. How do we know who we are? How do we know our true path? How can we be sure and comfortable about it? What are the challenges that we face on this journey?

Through an exciting exercise, Master Taíno will lead attendees to go all the way to the start of their journeys that may bring the peace of mind that we all need and accept our journey as our reality.

(Presented at: Master/slave Conference 2006 & 2010 (Washington, DC); Colorado Leathermen (Denver, CO – 2006); BR 2006 (Washington, DC); Southwest Leather Conference 2007 (Phoenix, AZ); Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend – CLAW 2007 (Cleveland, OH); DC Leather Pride 2007- (Washington, DC); Great Lakes Leather Alliance 2007 – GLLA (Indianapolis, IN); Amatorius (Virginia Beach, VA – 2008); SINSations In Leather 2008 (Chicago, IL); The Resource Pool (Bethesda, MD- 2008; MAsT Baltimore (Pasadena, MD – 2008); The Floating World 2008 (Edison, NJ); Charm City Fetish Fair 2009 (Baltimore, MD); MAsT NYC, 2009 (New York, NY); TES Fest 2009 (Piscataway, NJ); Rio Grande Leather 2009 (Albuquerque, NM); MAsT Jersey City Gay Men, 2010 (Jersey City, NJ); Colonial Kink 2011 (Williamsburg, VA); DC Leather Pride (2011); Master/slave Retreat, 2011 (Columbia, SC); TIED-VA (Chesapeake, VA 2012); Playroom (Las Cruces, NM, 2013); MAsT Central New Jersey (2013); The M/s Gathering 2017 (New Castle, DE); Orlando Woodshed Nov. 2018 (Orlando, FL)

“Dominant and Caring: A philosophy on Mastery”

Many of those called to service are scared by the stories of physical, mental and financial abuse that way too often some slaves are subject to. When creating His own philosophy on Mastery, Master Taíno combined the concepts of domination and control with the care and nurture of the slaves as well as the Master’s huge responsibilities towards His slaves and property.

Master Taíno explains the concepts of surrendering from the slave and the responsibility of the Master. This presentation will encourage questions and discussion from the attendees.

(Presented at: Master/slave Conference 2004 (Washington); Together In Leather 2004 (Charlotte, NC); SPLF – International Master/slave Weekend 2007 (Dallas, TX); Black Rose – March 2007 (Washington DC); Galleria Domain – May 2007 (Chicago, IL); Southeast Leather Fest 2007 (Atlanta, GA); BRXX – 2007 (Washington, DC); SINSations In Leather – 2008 (Chicago, IL); SF Citadel , San Francisco, CA (2009); Brimstone 2010 (Edison, NJ); Black Rose – July 2011 (Washington, DC); Master/slave Retreat, 2011 (Columbia, SC)

“Masters in Service”

More often than not, we hear that Master/slave relationships are about slaves serving their Masters. In this class, Master Taíno will address the different ways in which Masters are also in service.

The concept may sound strange to many, but Master Taíno will explain this reality in our Master/slave relationships, both in everyday life as well as in the most difficult time life can throw to us. Participation from the attendees is encouraged.

(Presented at: Master/slave Conference 2008,  2011 & 2017 (Washington, DC); MAsT Central New Jersey 2008; MAsT Metro New York 2008; MAsT Washington, 2008; Leather Traditions, 2009 (San Francisco); SPLF – International Master/slave Weekend 2009 & 2023 (Dallas, TX); Southeast Leather Fest 2009 – SELF (Atlanta, GA); Rio Grande Leather 2009 (Albuquerque, NM); Master/slave Retreat, 2011 (Columbia, SC); Northwest Leather Celebration 2012 (San Jose); Webinar with Bob Rubel (2016); Leather HEAT 2016 (Los Angeles, CA); The M/s Gathering 2016 (New Castle, DE);

“The Journey of a Master”

We do not become Masters overnight. For most of us, it has been a long journey to find our calling, and discover out true heart and spirit. And when we do, then the journey to learn the nuts and bolts of being a good Master just begins and that learning process never ends. But, more often than not, the struggles emerge.

The balancing act between our lives as a Master and the so-called “normal life” become a clear challenge. How priorities are set? How out can we be?

Join Master Taíno in an honest and frank discussion on the journey of the Master. You most likely will realize that you are not alone in your own struggles throughout your journey.

(Presented at: Master/slave Conference 2009 & 2015; MAsT Philadelphia (2010); Charm City Fetish Fair 2011 (Baltimore); NDDs Boot Camp IV (Maryland 2011); Southeast Leather Fest 2011 (Atlanta, GA); TES Fest 2011 (Piscataway, NJ); Colonial Kink 2012 (Williamsburg, VA); South Plains Leatherfest 2013 (Dallas, TX); Joint MAsT – New York City chapters (2013); Northwest Leather Celebration 2014 (San Jose, CA); FROST 2022 (Virtual);

“Transition from BDSM to Master/slave”

Most kinky folks begin their journeys by practicing BDSM. Everything was about S&M play. But one day many realize there was something missing. There may be more than just dungeon play on a Saturday night. And they discover that many of their friends are getting into the Master/slave dynamic.

In this workshop, Master Taíno will address the issues related to the transition from BDSM to Mastery and slavery and how to figure out where exactly we belong.

(Presented at: Black Rose, April 2008 (Washington, DC); DC Leather Pride 2008 (Washington, DC); The Floating World 2008 (Edison, NJ); Dom/sub Friends (New York City – 2008); SPLF – International Master/slave Weekend 2009 (Dallas, TX); TES Fest 2009 (Piscataway, NJ; Black Beat (Washington, DC) 2009; BR 2009 (Washington, DC); Winter Solstice 2010 (New Jersey); Black Rose, March 2010 (Washington, DC); Brimstone 2010 (Edison, NJ); Southeast Leather Fest 2010 (Atlanta, GA); Colonial Kink 2011 (Williamsburg, VA); CLAW 10 (Cleveland 2011); NDDs Boot Camp IV (Maryland 2011); Master/slave Retreat, 2011 (Columbia, SC); International Olympus Leather (Los Angeles, CA 2011); MAsT Manassas (Manassas, VA 2011); CLAW 11 (Cleveland, OH, 2012); SF Citadel (San Francisco, CA 2012); TIED-VA (Chesapeake, VA, 2012); BR25 (Washington, DC 2012); Threshold Society (Burbank, CA, 2013); Borderland Kinksters (Las Cruces, NM, 2013); MAsT Edgewater Park, Nj (2013); Charm City Fetish Fair (Baltimore, MD 2014); DFW leather Corps (Dallas, TX 2014); Dom/sub Friends (New York City, June 2014); Thunder in the Mountains (Denver, CO 2016)

“Leather Families and Households”

In this presentation, Master Taíno shares the dynamic of his diverse household and the issues unique to them, based on his own personal journey. Issues discussed will include the origins of a Leather Family, relationships among the slave siblings, different gender and sexual orientation, structure, protocols and rituals.

Based on his own experience, Master Taíno will also address the evolution and growth that our families experiences as we also grow and evolve. Active participation of attendees is encouraged.

(Presented at: Southeast Leather Fest 2001, 2002, 2011 (Atlanta, GA); Black Rose’s Tuesday Event (2002, 2005 & 2012); BR 2002 & BR 2009 (Washington, DC); Safe, Sane and Consensual – SSC (Raleigh, NC – 2004); Master/slave Conference 2004 – 2019 (usually as part of a panel or roundtable). CLAW 2008 & 2011(Cleveland, OH), DC Leather Pride 2009 (Washington, DC); Charm City Fetish Fair 2010 (Baltimore, MD); SF Citadel 2010 (San Francisco, CA); MTTA Retreat for Masters I (Baltimore 2010); MAsT Wilmington, November 2010 (New Castle, DE); Dom/sub Friends (New York City, 2011); MAsT DC Pan, June 2011 (Washington, DC); Master/slave Retreat, 2011 (Columbia, SC); International Olympus Leather (Los Angeles, CA 2011); Black Beat University (Baltimore, MD 2011); Philadelphia Leather Pride Night 2011; MAsT Washington (April 2012); TES Fest 2012 (Piscataway, NJ); TIED-VA (Chesapeake, VA, 2012); Threshold Society (Burbank, CA, 2013); SF Citadel (San Francisco, 2013); Southwest Leather Conference 2013 (Phoenix, AZ); Austin Leather Corps (Austin, TX 2014); MAsT Albuquerque (2016); The M/s Gathering 2016 (New Castle, DE); Thunder in the Mountains (Denver, CO 2016); MAsT East Stroudsburg (East Stroudsburg, PA May 2018)); MAsT San José (San José, Costa Rica, February 2020; Austin Leather Pride 2022 (Austin, TX); South Plains Leatherfest (Dallas, TX March 2023)

(Sometimes it has been presented with other members of His family or other Head of Leather Households]

“Cathartic Flogging”

An introduction to the spiritual, healing and sometimes therapeutic value of flogging, based on many years of Master Taíno’s experience with this aspect of the popular SM practice.

The class will include the presentation of a complete powerful “cathartic flogging” scene. During the scene, getting in or out of the room will not be allowed.

(Presented at: DC Leather Pride 2007 – 2011 (Washington, DC); CLAW 2008  & 2018 (Cleveland, OH); The Resource Pool (Bethesda, MD – 2008); The Floating World 2008 (Edison, NJ); BESS (Baltimore, MD – 2009); TES Fest 2009, 2011, 2014 & 2017 (Piscataway, NJ); Black Beat 2009 (Washington, DC); BR 2009 (Washington, DC); Winter Solstice 2010 (New Jersey); Brimstone 2010 (Edison, NJ); Dom/sub Friends (New York City, 2010 & 2013); Colonial Kink 2011 & 2012 (Williamsburg, VA); NDDs Boot Camp IV (Maryland 2011); TIED-VA (Chesapeake, VA, 2012); Playroom (Las Cruces, NM, 2013); Touch of Flavor Festival (Baltimore, MD, 2013 & 2014); Widener University (Chester,PA); Charm City Fetish Fair (Baltimore, MD 2014); Just hanging out in Delaware, 2015 (Baltimore Playhouse); EscenaCR (San José, Costa Rica, 2018); Orlando Woodshed  (Orlando, FL 2018); Asociación Demográfica Costarricense (San José, Costa Rica, 2020); Baltimore Playhouse (2020); Escena CR (San José, Costa Rica, 2021-2022); Austin Leather Pride 2022 (Austin, TX); Seminario SJO 22 (San José, Costa Rican 2022)

“The Reality of Abuse in M/s Relationships”

In a society where abuse in relationships is rampant and pandemic, the Master/slave community is not immune to it. Master Taíno will address different aspects of abusive relationships, how to detect abuse, the differences between abuse and BDSM, empowering slaves to detect abuse and different types of abuse more common in Master/slave relationships. He is going to tell it and call it by its name. Bring and share your own stories of abuse so we all can learn more from each other.

(Presented at Master/slave Conference 2012); TIED-VA (Chesapeake, VA 2012); Philadelphia Leather Pride Weekend 2012 (Philadelphia, PA); The M/s Gathering 2017 9New Castle, DE)

“Misconceptions about Master/slave Relationships”

Master/slave relationships are now more common than ever. Still outsiders wonder about this dynamic and usually have problems understanding it. The list of misconceptions of M/s is a long one. This even happens among those who are part of the Leather, BDSM, Kink and Fetish communities who still cannot understand the special relationship that many of their peers are embracing.

This class also will help those kinky folks who have an interest in M/s relationships but are having a hard time understanding the dynamic. Master Taíno will address all this issues with the purpose of creating a better understanding of M/s among our kinky peers and to help those interested in the Master/slave dynamic but are afraid of stepping to the plate.

(Presented at: Charm City Fetish Fair 2012 (Baltimore, MD); CLAW 11 (Cleveland, OH 2012); Northwest Leather Celebration 2012 (San Jose); Southeast Leather Fest 2012 (Atlanta, GA); Dom/sub Friends, 2012 (New York City); TES Fest 2012 (Piscataway, NJ); Black Beat 10th Anniversary 2012 (Baltimore, MD); Black Rose’s Tuesday Event (April 2013);

“Overcoming years of abuse in Master/slave dynamic” – No longer available

Presented with slave david and Master David Cook, Ph.D.

This class will be an open discussion about the real experiences of a slave that endured an extremely abusive Master for 20 years; and his carefully planned 5 year path back to a safe, nurtured and respected service slave.

Besides the testimony from slave david, the class will include how Master Taíno, as his Owner for the past five years, and Master David, as a psychologist friend of the family, worked together to help him.

(Presented at: MAsT Washington 2010; Master/slave Conference 2010; Black Rose, 2010 (Washington, DC); Charm City Fetish Fair 2011 (Baltimore, MD)

“Mentoring the Masters and the slaves”

One important tool in the process of learning about the Master/slave dynamic is finding a mentor. Both Masters and slaves can benefit from being under the guidance of a good mentor.

The Master/slave community has been exposed in the Internet during the last decade and it has brought an incredible interest for the Dominant/submissive lifestyle. Many newcomers are learning the hard way and many people end up hurt physically or emotionally in the process.

Master Taíno will address the need to mentor newcomers, the different ways to achieve it and how experienced leather community members can become mentors. The presentation will be suitable to those interested in becoming mentors as those in need of it. This presentation will encourage questions and discussion from the attendees.

(Presented at: Together in Leather 2003 (Charlotte. NC); Southwest Leather Conference 2003 (Phoenix, AZ); SPLF – International Master/slave Weekend 2007 (Dallas, TX); Master/slave Conference 2007 (Washington, DC), Winter Solstice 2010 (New Jersey); Colonial Kink 2012 (Williamsburg, VA); Southeast Leather Fest 2012 (Atlanta, GA); The M/s Gathering 2017 (New Castle Delaware)

“Dealing with illness and death in a M/s household”

Based on his personal experience, Master Taíno addresses the issues involved when serious illness and eventual death occurs in a Master/slave household. He discusses the process including preparing yourself, deterioration of the loved one, and realization of the outcome, the reversal of roles, emotions and grieving, dealing with biological family, aftermath, memories and legacy.

This is a very emotional issue but it presents the reality of life and death that we all have to face. This workshop is based on the Master’s experience with the illness and death of His slave tommy in 2001 and more recently updated to relate the experience of Master Taíno dealing with the back surgery of His slave david in January 2009.

(Presented at: SPLF – International Master/slave Weekend 2005 (Dallas, TX); Master/slave Conference 2005 (Washington, DC) ; Together In Leather 2005 (Charlotte, NC); MAsT Washington 2010 (with slave david and others); Southeast Leather Fest 2010 (Atlanta, GA) with slave david; Master/slave Conference 2012 (with Ms Jan) and 2015 (with slave into);

“Introduction to Master/slave Dynamic”

Master Taíno addresses basic concepts of the Master/slave relationships. This class is aimed to the new ones in the lifestyle and for those who are interested in learning what the Master/slave dynamic is all about.

(Presented at DC TNG (Alexandria, VA) 2014;

“Introduction to Leather”

With this class, Master Taíno addresses the history and diversity of the Leather community. The class offer attendees the wide range of options that newcomers to the Leather Community have. This class is excellent for novices interested in Leather, BDSM and/or Dom/sub relationships and not sure what it all entitles and how to get started.

(Presented at: DC Leather Pride 2010 (Washington, DC); Gay Men’s Health Summit 2012 (Washington, DC)

Master Taíno also has participated in various panels at the Master/slave Conference, South Plains Leather Fest, Mid-Atlantic Leather Sir/boy, SigMa, Black Rose and DC Leather Pride.