A Tribute to Master Jack

Master Jack McGeorge Memorial

A Tribute to Master Jack

By Master Taino

Saturday, August 29, 2009
The Crucible

“I am who I am, I am not ashamed of who I am, not one bit”

Those words of wisdom from Jack McGeorge still resonate very deep in our hearts.

With those words, Jack reminded us of the importance of being true to our hearts and spirits and to be proud of who we are.

And who was Jack McGeorge?

An incredible man

A great ambassador for the Leather World

A great friend




A dynamic man

He shed light on the path

A phenomenal educator

Intensity and strength of character




Kind heart

Indomitable spirit


An incredible resource

The full package



A legend


Unique energy

Vibrant Personality

Passionate views

A giant who stood for us all

Amazing man

Truly remarkable man

Incredible influence

Gigantic footprints

A leader

A hero

Truly one who touched many

A big influence

Upstanding character, humor and devotion

Positive influence on this community

Bondage enthusiast

Metal Bondage collector

A true Master and gentleman

These characterizations are not mine. They were taken from many people in our community who posted their feelings in the hours and days after Jack left us.

They encompass the greatness of the man for whom we gather to remember and celebrate his life.

For me, Jack was a true leader, a true Master and an extraordinary educator.

His passion for education was what brought us together.

As you know, MTTA is the educational organization that I founded for the advancement of Master/slave relationships.

I invited Jack to join the faculty of our Training Academy and the Board of Directors of our non-profit organization.

Jack brought to MTTA his passion, his wisdom and his unique sense of humor.

He not only was elected Vice-president of MTTA but he also became our main advisor.

Whenever we faced any kind of issues, situations or problems, we called Jack for advice and the right answer.

Just days before entering to the hospital for the last time, I called Jack with a situation that emerged that morning regarding the Academy. As always I got sound and wise advice.

His last e-mail to me was also recommending someone to assist our Board of Directors.

Last Sunday, some of us were asking ourselves what we are going to do now that Jack is not here. I think that we will have to take a deep breath, and try to figure out what Jack would do in this case.

It is difficult to accept the fact that Jack is not with us.

I remember on Sunday July 12th at our Academy, going down the stairs of my basement to let Jack know the time for his class was over, and lunch was ready.

I always had to do that because if not, Jack would continue forever. His passion for teaching was unique. That class was his last.

It is also difficult to accept that a week later, the evening of Saturday July 18th at Master David’s house was going to be the last time I saw him.

It is difficult to accept that my call to him on July 29th was the last time we talked.

His last e-mail came on Monday, August 3rd, just two days before his last surgery.

His last message for me was exactly two weeks ago, just three days before he left us.

He told his slave Justin to tell me NOT to cancel his class at the Master/slave Conference, because he will be there.

And next weekend at the Master/slave Conference and beyond, Master Jack will be with us.

He will continue teaching, because all of us who were touched by him and by his example and by his passion, we are committed to continue this journey of educating our community and the new generations.

That is Master Jack’s legacy.

And if we are going to really honor Jack McGeorge, we have to double our efforts in the education of our community.

Jack taught us the importance of education.

Jack taught us that to be better, we have to be wiser. To be wiser, we have to educate ourselves and the rest of our community.

During his Memorial this past Sunday, one of Jack’s colleagues in the intelligence community stated that our country was safer because of Jack McGeorge.

To that statement, I would like to add that our Leather, BDSM and Master/slave communities are better because of Jack McGeorge.

That same evening, I told Jack’s mother and Jack’s son Alex that we are grateful to them for sharing Jack with us, for giving Jack to us so we can learn from him and better ourselves.

I told them Jack was a friend, a mentor, a teacher, and advisor to many of us.

Alex, I tell you again, thanks for Jack. And even though there is no need to tell you this, I still want to tell you, as a parent myself, that Jack is very proud of you.

When you talked on Sunday about what you learned about family from your father, you touched me and I am sure you touched many others there.

You have inspired me to be even more open with my adult sons than I have been.

They all know who I am and what I do, but I have limited the details. You inspired me to share more with them and I will.

I know that Jack was very proud of you. I heard him talking many times about you with a great sense of pride.

Moments ago, I read how people perceive the public persona of Jack McGeorge.

To that long list, I am just going to add one more: Jack also was a great father. And his son is also part of the legacy that Jack left us with.

So long, my dear friend Master Jack.

You will be missed, SIR, and we will never forget you.