Join the Family

Join Master Taíno’s Leather Family!

Now you have the opportunity to join Master Taíno’s Leather Family. There are many ways to do so.
Currently, Master Taino will consider:


A 24/7 live-in stay-home slave / houseboy to join the Master’s household and family. Candidates should have a slave heart and a desire to be part of a Leather Family. The chosen one should be able to relocate to the Washington DC Metropolitan area. slaves who are retired or on disability will be considered.


slaves with outside jobs willing to relocate and join the household. Candidates should have a slave heart and a desire to be part of a Leather Family.


Non live-in slaves who are unable to relocate. Non live-in slaves can be from the DC metropolitan area, or around the country.


A very special young dominant interested in joining the Family as a Junior Master while under the tutelage and mentorship of Master. The candidate should have some experience in BDSM and dominance, and should have the attitude to learn under an experienced Master while living in a family setting. Different options will be explored according with the personality and strengths of the candidate. Ideal situation should be for the candidate to relocate to the Family House. If you think this may be for you, e-mail Master Taíno and talk with Him about it.
The process:

potential slaves should submit a formal petition via e-mail, request a slave application and send self-pics (face and bare chest a plus) with full stats, description, and current location to
Upon completing and submitting the application for Master Taíno’s consideration, slave will be asked to write an essay on his slave journey.

An initial visit to the Family’s home will be arranged soon after. Participation in the the slave Training Weekend Program may be required as well.

Note: Master Taino is an Equal Opportunity Master and will consider potential slaves of all ethnic and racial background, any HIV status, gender or sexual orientation: Master will consider slaves from ALL races and ethnic groups. Master Taino encourages Latino, black and Asian slaves to petition and apply.
Master does not discriminate on HIV status. Poz slaves in good health are encouraged to apply. Master will also consider petitions from straight and bisexual male slaves. Regarding gender, Master is open to the idea of female or FTM trans slaves, although is not a preference. He had a female slave in His service for a year.