Interns and visitors

Master Taíno will consider having slave interns and visitors for weekends, weeks or a season.


Master Taíno offers slave internships for several boys who will be trained to be slaves. slave-interns will live in Master Taíno’s home, wear the collar during the period of the internship, and receive daily training.

The internship is available, particularly for college students and school teachers for one, two, or three months during the summer. Shorter internships are also available during spring, fall or winter breaks.

This internship is also available to others who have some breaks in their lives like teachers, flight attendants, recently discharged GIs, unemployed or between jobs, people on disability, etc.

For Summer 2016, Master Taíno will consider special interns willing to volunteer their time helping with the Master/slave Conference 2012 to be held in Washington DC over Labor Day Weekend. Interns will receive room and board at The Master’s Home. Any intern during the month of July would be able to participate in the MTTA Academy’s slave Training Weekend.


Master Taíno will consider hosting slaves (usually 18-40 but flexible) at his home for a short period of time. The visit will include training and living the “slave experience” with Master Taíno and His Leather Family.

College students from abroad, who are interested in working in the US during the summer months, are welcome to apply.

Also will consider other young Masters willing to learn from the experience.

To apply for internships or short visits, send petition, with self-pics (face and bare chest a plus) with full stats, description, and current location to


Potential slave interns and visitors should submit a formal petition via e-mail, request a slave intern or visitor application and send self-pics (face and bare chest a plus) with full stats, description, and current location to

Upon completing and submitting the application for Master Taíno’s consideration, slave will be asked to write an essay on his slave journey.