About Master Taíno

About the Master:

Master Taíno is a 70 year-old, white Puerto Rican of mostly Spanish ancestry with strong Mediterranean looks. As a good Puerto Rican, he is mixed including 82% European (Mostly Spaniard), 10% Arab Moorish, 4% Taíno (Caribbean natives) and 4% African Black. He has a salt and pepper mustache and and since 2016 a silver full beard. Master Taíno has an average build, is semi-hairy, stands 5 feet 7 inches tall, has a 34 inch waist, and weighs 165 pounds. The Master has brown eyes and black hair. From 2003 to 2019, the Master had his head shaved but since October 2019, he is letting his hair to grow again.

Master Taíno has His own full-equipped dungeon at home and He enjoys a broad range of BDSM play. Master Taíno attends multiple events nationwide every year.

Master Taino received his cover as Master during a special ceremony in September 2009. The ceremony was presided by the late Master David, His Leather Brother, and many of His closest friends spoke in support of his covering.

Philosophy on Mastery:

Master Taíno’s philosophy on Mastery is based on “Dominant and Caring”. To read Master’s philosophy go to the Philosophy page.

Master Taíno in the Leather community:

Master Taíno is very active in the Leather Community in general and in the Master/slave and BDSM communities in particular for more than quarter century. He has taken leadership roles in several organizations and he travels nationwide. He has been a member of the Washington, DC Chapter for the Defenders Leather Levi Club since 1993. In 2013, he became an Associate member of ONYX Mid-Atlantic, a Leather Club for Men of Color. He founded MAsT Washington in April 1999 and he is the longest serving MAsT director in the country.

To fulfill his commitment on education, Master Taíno founded MTTA, Inc., a non-profit educational organization that includes several programs: MTTA Academy, an educational program aimed to educate Masters and slaves through weekend events; the Master/slave Conference, held annually during Labor Day Weekend in the Washington, DC area; the Master/slave History Program, the Master/slave Legacy Project, and the Master/slave Development Center. MTTA also has two MAsT chapters under its organization (MAsT Washington and MAsT DC Pan).

He is committed to his own personal growth as a Master and has attended and taught at events all over the country.

Master Taíno has been a judge at the International Master/slave Contest for 2004, 2005 and 2013, for the Southwest Master/slave Contest 2004 and Head Judge for the Southeast Master/slave Contest 2005 and a judge for 2007 and 2009.

Master is available through several social media websites like FetLife, Facebook, Recon, and Collarspace, all of them under the handle of “Master Taíno”.

Role Model:

“My friend, You deserve to be recognized as a caring and loving man. You always talk about the caring nature of your heart and bring up the loving relationship you believe should exist between Master and slave. I think we both strongly agree with that and I respect you greatly for that. Keep living the good life — it is a positive role model for others.”

Master Steve
International Master 2000
Butchmanns SM Academy