Master Taíno, Head of the Family

Master J, Senior Master

slave paul, Master Taíno’s slave

Sir Ross and slave tara

Sir Robert and slave jenna


Herr Wes and slave celia

slave boo 

Sir Brian 

Señor Jota



Family News:


* Master Francis passed away peacefully on June 7, 2019.

May he rest ipeace! 


 *  Sir Brian from Buffalo, New York and Señor Jota from San José, Costa Rica were inducted into the Leather Family on August 29, 2019


* Master Taíno received the Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award 2019 on August 31, 2019



Master Taíno’s next trips and events:


San Francisco, California: September 24-30 (Folsom Street Fair)

Santa Clara, California: September 30 – October 2 (Presenting at MAsT Santa Clara)

Buenos Aires, Argentina: November 14-27 


San José, Costa Rica: January 15  – February 28

Dallas, Texas:  March 12 – 16 (South Plains Leather Fest)

New Castle, Delaware: April 16-19 (The Ms Gathering)

Cleveland, Ohio:  April 23-27 (CLAW – Teaching)

New York City:  June 20-22 (Folsom Street East)