Family Crest

Master Taíno’s  Leather Family is identified by the family crest.  All members of the  Leather Family received his/her vest at the time of the induction into  the family with the large patch of the Family crest on the back.  That  is the way the family members identify themselves when attending events  of our Master/slave, Leather, BDSM, Kinky or Fetish communities.

The meaning of the crest:


* The name of the Family:   The crest has the full name of the family around the symbols.

*  The Taíno’s Sun:   The main element of the crest is the Taíno’s Sun in  its center.   That Sun is called the “Sun of Jayuya” and it is one of  the most recognizable symbols of the Taíno culture.  The Taínos were the  native pre-Columbian residents of the island of Puerto Rico as well as  other Caribbean Island.  The sun represent Master Taino’s heritage.  In  2016, his DNA test revealed he is 4% taíno, something he did not know  before.

* The slave collar:  Around the sun, the crest has the slave collar to symbolize the slaves and the Master/slave dynamic.

The  crest was envisioned by Master Taíno himself but it was designed in the  early 2000s by Master Shack, currently from San Antonio, Texas, and a  close friend of Master Taino since he lived in Maryland.

The  crest has been voluntarily tattooed in slave david and slave paul’s  right arms after they completed a minimum years of service.  Master  Taíno also had the Sun tattooed in his left arm.

On the picture above, one can see the river rock where the Taínos draw the original version of this particular sun.