Sir Greg & slave aaron

In Memoriam

Sir Greg & slave aaron

May 14, 1968 – May 25, 2015 * January 26, 1981 – April 5, 2015


Sir Greg was a 47 year-old gay dominant from Indianapolis, Indiana, where he lives with his slaves aaron and jesse. He has both Caucasian and Native American heritage. He was 5’10” tall and weights 170 pounds on a hard built body.

After a hiatus from the Leather Community, Sir Greg decided in early 2011 to return to the community and search for his soul. He attended CLAW 10 in Cleveland at the end of April and felt drawn to Master Taíno. He attended Master’s classes and spoke briefly with him.

He followed up by applying to the MTTA Academy’s Master Training Weekend held in July. During the Cathartic Flogging class at the Academy, he was impacted by the deep connection between Master Taíno and Sir Silas, who received the flogging during the class. That evening he asked Master Taíno if he could experienced his flogging, which was done Sunday evening after the Academy was over. That evening a powerful connection between Master Taíno and Sir Greg began.

Back home in Indy, Sir Greg asked Master Taíno to be his Mentor, and Master gladly accepted. Sir Greg opened up to Master Taíno with honesty and trusting his new Mentor and their journey together took off.

Sir Greg attended and volunteered at the Master/slave Conference 2011 while also being reunited with Sir Silas, who was inducted to the Family that weekend and Sir Greg and his slave aaron were guests for the ceremony. Sir Silas and Sir Greg attended together the Leathermen’s Academy in October in Fort Lauderdale, Florida continuing their own journey as brothers.

Sir Greg welcomed Master Taíno in his home in Indianapolis in mid-November and arranged for him to present before MAsT Indianapolis.

During the Leather Family New Year’s Eve Dinner and Celebration on December 31, 2011, Sir Greg was officially inducted into the Family and received his vest with the Family Crest Patch. Master Taíno also presented him with a Leather Harness that He used for many years, continuing his tradition of passing his Leathers to the Family Members and mentees.

On April 28, 2012, Master Taino presided the Collaring Ceremony of Sir Greg’s slave aaron. His slave aaron, who attended the Academy in early 2012, was inducted in the Family on August 30, 2012 during MsC.

After winning the Great Lakes Mr. Olympus in November 2011, Sir Greg won the International Mr Olympus Leather 2012 title in Los Angeles in May 2012. He then won the Mr. 501 Eagle 2014 title and competed at IML 2014.

slave aaron passed away on Easter Sunday 2015 and Sir Greg followed him on Memorial Day 2015.

Rest in peace, Sir Greg and slave aaron.