Eulogy to Lady Lynette

Lady Lynette

Eulogy to Lady Lynette

By Master Taino

Sunday, May 3, 2015
Baltimore Playhouse

On May 18, 2006, – as few hundred others before and after her – Lady Lynette entered my home for the first time to attend the MTTA Academy’s Master Training Weekend. Little I knew then that that beautiful Lady will make a second home in our house and will become my Leather sister.

She was Mistress Lynette at the time, but before the Academy was over, my late slave david told her she was a Lady and she should be Lady Lynette. Since that weekend, she has been Lady Lynette to us and to a whole Master/slave community.

Her hard work, enthusiasm and dedication brought her back to the Academy, first as a staff member, then as Resident Master and finally as Deputy Director. The Academy became her passion and her love. She became my right hand, and little by little, I allowed her to take over the day-to-day operation during those awesome training weekends. She made a huge difference and touch so many of our students in such a special and unique way.

Let me share something very few people know. Back in 2008, we were having some internal issues at the Academy and I was convinced that the time had come to close it. It was over…. But it wasn’t. The personal intervention of Lady Lynette allowed for some peace and the continuation of our work. If the Academy has been operating for the last seven years, it is because of her. Lady Lynette literally saved the Academy that Sunday evening.

She and her slave llambie were Northeast Master/slave 2007 and represented our region twice at the International Contest. Many – me included – think that they could have won on either year.

In 2008, she became a board member for MTTA and a year later she was one of two new Associate Producers for the Master/slave Conference. I often say – and repeat now once more – that one of my best decisions regarding MsC was to bring her and Sir Stephen as Associate Producers.
She became my right hand in all MTTA educational endeavors.

She made a second home in our house and one of our guest rooms has been for years Lady Lynette’s room. She became very close with me and with my slaves. She became part of our family. We laughed together. We cried together. We shared experiences. We confided and trust in each other. We also had differences here and there. But we always love each other.

One anecdote that I often shared with her and teased her with was the fact that Lady Lynette was the only person that I have to call over the phone to let her know she has an important e-mail that needs her attention. And I think I was the only one around that she could not make her minion. And we laughed because of it.

Family is way more than blood. And trough almost a decade that we spent side by side, we became family.

She was unique. She was a very strong woman. She was a very powerful Master. That is why it was so difficult for me to see her during her illness.
I want to remember her as the strong and powerful woman she was.

Others will come to continue her work because she led by example and inspired many. But no one can replace her. What she brought to the table was unique.

Today, my heart still aches. I have cried quite a bit. Two weeks ago, hours before the Academy for female slaves was about to start, I had my moment when I realized that she was not there where she always has been. And I have to retrieve to my room and let go my emotions.

There is a sense of emptiness in my heart. For so long we were like twins.
I love her and I know she loved me. I guess sometimes life is not fair. A beautiful soul that I loved very much is no longer with us. Today, it has been two months that she left and it seems like an eternity.

slave llambie: This Master and our Family are here for you.
We owe it to your Master, who always was present for all of us.

Lady Lynette: I love you, my dear. Rest in peace and watch for those you left behind because we need you.

Today, I honor you, my beloved Leather Sister.