A special celebration for a milestone

Fifteenth years ago this month, I drove all the way to Atlanta to attend the International Master/slave Contest and Weekend, an event most often referred to as "MAsT 99" or "Atlanta 99". That event is considered the first educational event on Master/slave relationships. That event changed my life.

On that weekend of March 19 - 21, 1999, Master Taino was born. I found my path on Mastery and the journey began. I met the two people who inspired my journey: Guy Baldwin and Master Steve from Butchmanns, a man I considered my mentor. That event also inspired me to produce five years later the Master/slave Conference, which followed the educational goals created in 1999.

Today, I celebrated at my home those 15 years accompanied by my slaves, members of my Leather Family and a small group of close friends. Life is a Journey. And my Journey has been awesome! And my Journey continues! Thanks to all of those who have made my journey a better one and to all of those who I have met during these past fifteen years. I have learned a lot in these 15 years, and I hope that somehow, I have been able to touch and pass some of that knowledge to others in our community.