Charm City Fetish Fair

This past weekend, slave paul, slave mordecai and I attended Charm City Fetish Fair, produced by BESS. This year, our own family member, slave jenna was the producer and she pulled together a great event. A small event but a fun one.

I presented my class Cathartic Flogging on Saturday. Full room. As part of the class, we had a flogging experience with slave mordecai that was very powerful. The boy was asked many questions after the experience.

On Sunday, I presented my “Transition from BDSM to M/s” class to a smaller but very engaged group. At the same time, slave mordecai was loaned to Lady Lynette for her class on CBT. I heard he had a lot of fun.

Both slave paul and slave mordecai did several volunteer shifts to help out.

The social part included a nice dinner with a group that included Catherine Gross and Lady Lynette.

The play part was all Saturday evening. Got a chance to play with both slave paul and slave mordecai and we all have some good fun. We all need it that relax.