A visit to the Leather Corps in Austin and Dallas

Per invitation of Master David Walker, I spent this past weekend in the heart of Texas to present before the Leather Corps chapters in Austin and Dallas.

I arrived on Thursday and was hosted that first night by Miz Lilly and her slave zaph. The big surprise was that Master Walker arrange for a Puerto Rican lady to come over to make a Puerto Rican lunch for me. That was awesome and classy.

On Friday afternoon, I had an opportunity to have coffee with Eddie, a young man who was an intern during the summer 2010 in my household.

That evening, I had my presentation on Leather Families before a house full of members of the Austin Leather Corps at the Firewalkers House. After the presentation, we had great food, great conversation and a flogging to slave zaph. Among the presenters were an old friend, Master Shack and his slave who came from San Antonio and Miss Arlene, who just moved to Austin from Virginia and an alumnus of the MTTA Academy.

On saturday, Master Walker and I drove to Dallas where we had dinner with the DFW Leather Corps. It was great to see slave raven again.

On Sunday I have a special presentation on Master/slave issues before the DFW Leather Corps and from there to the Airport on my way back home.