Southwest Leather Conference

We have been in Phoenix for the Southwest Leather Conference since Thursday. I have been attending this annual event except for one time that I have to canceled when I was sick. This event, usually the the woo-woo event for the Leather spirituality theme, was founded by Master Steve, the man I consider my mentor in the M/s dynamic.

This year, I presented two classes: Leather Families and Living Real and Authentic Lives, the Key to pour Happiness. Both were well attended and well received.

Three members of our Leather Family were in attendance. Sir Greg and slave aaron and Gypsie. Sur Greg was both a presenter and judge and Gypsie was a volunteer,

Race Bannon delivered a powerful Keynote Speech that I agree with for the most part. The speech in part was a validation of one of my classes (Living Real and Authentic Lives).

As always, the Dance of Souls was a great spiritual experience. It makes this event so special.