Farewell to the DC Eagle

The DC Eagle has been in business for 42 years and three locations. After 27 years in the current location at New York Avenue, the Eagle will be closing its doors before the end of this month and reopen in the late summer in an old warehouse on Northeast Washignton.

For a Leathermen, our local Eagle is always part of our personal history and journey. I moved to the DC area exactly 30 years ago and right away discovered the Eagle, its second version on 7th Street. So the Eagle has been part of my life for the last 30 years and the current location has seen each stage of my journey.

On the eve of MAL Weekend, I went last night for the last time as I am leaving town next week and won’t be for the official closure. A barrage of visuals came through my mind of my three decades at the DC Eagle, particularly the night a friend formally invited me to join the Defenders club, which became my official entry into the Leather community. I also remembered so many of my boys, those who served for long term and short term, that accompanied me to the Eagle throughout the years, and the many others that I met at the bar as well. Special thoughts were for my late slave tommy, who just loved the bar.

The bar nights, the slave auctions, the contest, bake sales, fund-raisers, my many flogging sessions in the old cross in the deck, and so on. Once more I remembered the “Dungeon Master” of the Eagle, Daddy Jim Raymond, who just passed away two weeks ago and who is the person that I credit with showing me my baby steps in the art of flogging while watching him flogging boys at the bar, something that I emulated years later.

Lots of mixed feelings while walking around the bar one last time. Thirty years of memories are now gone for me, but they will be part of my journey and never forgotten. Lets see what the future brings at the fourth location of the DC Eagle.