Northwest Leather Celebration

This past weekend, I attended for the second time the Northwest Leather Celebration in San Jose, CA. This was the sixth year for NWLC. Sir Fuego accompanied me to the event.

It was a bit different because of the recent passing of Ms. Margaret, its Executive Producer. I cannot helped but feeling her presence at all times and at the same time missing her dearly. I had the chance to talk and give a good hug to her slave Erich which was amazing taking care of everything while mourning his loss. It is always good to see a good slave carrying on the legacy of his Master.

My class, selected by Ms. Margaret before her passing, was the “Journey of the Master”. We had a packed room even that it was scheduled for 9 AM and I have a great feed-back as well. The Lady knew her business.

It was good to see so many good friends from the Bay Area and beyond.

On Sunday late afternoon, they held a Memorial for Ms. Margaret. The memorial was simple, short but very powerful and emotional. Room was full and many people standing around. No question how much love there is for the Tea Lady. Just the result of how much she loved all of us during her life. The altar had displayed her boots, cover and vest, and of course, the tea set, among other items.