The Passing of Ms. Margaret

My dear friend, Ms. Margaret - the Producer of the Northwest Leather Celebration and the Northwest Master/slave Contest - passed this morning at 5:35 PDT after losing her battle with cancer.

When I saw her last at MsC 2013, she was full of life displaying her beauty and her charming smile. An aggressive form of cancer took her away from us way too fast, way too young. She just turned 51 this past December.

She was - as I used to tell her all the time -- one of my favorite ladies in the Master/slave community. Her grace, her beauty, the way she conducted herself, her heart always ready to help others, were just few of the many good qualities she had. But she also was a leader, a powerful woman and a determined Master.

We are deeply saddened with her passing in the moments that we need more women, leaders and Masters like her.

I will always keep her memory in my heart and her legacy will endure.

My heart goes to her slave Erich who loved and care for his Master during very difficult times.