South Plains Leather Fest

Another South Plains Leather Fest this past weekend. Another International Master/slave Contest. And this was a great celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the International M/s Contest. For the first time in ten years, our Northeast region were not represented as we did not have any contestants during MsC 2013.

Four members of our MTTA board were in attendance: Master David, Lady Lynette, slave lara (with Lord Brick) and myself. We spend some great time together particularly at Pappadeaux, my favorite seafood restaurant. On Sunday evening a great group including Lady Lynette, Lord Brick and slave lara, Master Francis and slave boo, Mistress LC and slave ashley and myself. Lobster bisque and Costa Rican Mahi with scallops and shrimps for me, Great food.

The weekend was highlighted by networking with old and new friends. Enjoyed great conversations over the weekend with Master David Walker and slave raven, Master Obsidian, Master George and slave bren, Liza and jody, Master Andy from Ottawa, Master Wolf, Master Francis and slave boo, slave erich, Catherine Gross, Master Skip and slave Rick, slave Caroline and Peter, and so many others.

This was my 12th connective SPLF since 2003 when the contest moved to Dallas. It was also my 16th consecutive International Contest and the 17th out of the last 18.